What You Need To Know About Pre-Planning Your Funeral

It can be a daunting task to pre-plan your funeral wishes. It’s never a simple accomplishment for anyone, but despite the hardships that come with planning your own funeral, it’s the best thing that you can do for your family and loved ones.

If you have the opportunity to assist your family in the planning of your funeral, it’s best to make the most of it. This will help them execute the service during a difficult time of grieving without having to make too many decisions. They will also appreciate knowing that you are receiving the funeral that you wished for instead of guessing how you want the service to be. At the end of the day, your loved ones deeply hope to show your life respect and consideration, and pre-planning your funeral wishes allows them to do this.

Funeral planning can involve many details, and making final wishes known before the time of need is one way to help ease the burden of what is often a difficult time for family and friends. Whether your desire is for burial or cremation, Stuhr Funeral Home can help you arrange the details involved with planning. Our funeral packages are able to accommodate any and all of the family’s needs and wishes. Find more details about advanced funeral planning at our website here.

Pre-planning your funeral doesn’t need to be done toward the end of your life. You can begin this process or make these selections earlier in your adult life so that you won’t have to worry or focus on it later on. Instead, you can just enjoy time with your family and friends.

Here are a few tips for when you have trouble thinking about your funeral wishes and need help with pre-planning.

1. Try not to overthink

When selecting arrangements, flowers, burial procedures, and more for yourself, try your hardest not to overthink the process. If you find something that you appreciate in a reasonable price range, select it. Think about your favorite florals, designs, and colors, and make the selection without giving it a second thought.

2. Consider music

Which music would you like to play at your service? What are some of your favorite songs? No matter the genre you choose, always remember that your service should highlight aspects of yourself so that your loved ones can feel you in spirit. Selecting your favorite music to play during portions of the service is a great way to do so. Music can be slower, or you can incorporate some upbeat selections to lighten the mood and keep your personality alive during the service.

3. Prepare for speeches

If you choose the loved ones that you’d like to speak for your service, prepare them by letting them know of your intentions. This way, they can prepare what they’d like to say and maybe even read their speech to you. You will know how much they care about you and how much you mean to them, and they will have the peace of letting you know. They will also be prepared beforehand so that they don’t have to write a speech during a period of grief.