At Stuhr Funeral Home, we firmly believe that support after the death of a loved one should be on-going. Provided at no cost to you, the Aftercare services we offer are at differing levels of assistance and are tailored to your family’s individual needs.

Our Director of Aftercare, Dru Strickland, is available to help you with the influx of forms, insurance policies, Social Security, corporate and governmental requirements which can seem overwhelming. Dru excels in personalized support and can help you handle the “loose ends” that follow the death of a loved one.

Once the certified Death Certificates arrive – generally ten business days after the order is placed – the person in your family designated as the informant will be contacted and can set up an Aftercare appointment.Please contact the chapel handling your family’s arrangements to set up or change an Aftercare appointment.

Dru can also be reached directly at (843) 727-6360 or

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