Pet Rest Cremation Services in the Low Country, Stuhr Funeral Home

Pet Rest Cremation Services and Stuhr Funeral Home, a trusted name in funeral service for more than 150 years, has proudly chosen Pet Rest Cremation Services as our preferred pet loss care provider in the Lowcountry community. Together, we’re dedicated to providing the best and most professional care for our clients during their time of grieving and healing.

The death of a pet can be extremely hard for someone. Stuhr Funeral Home’s pet cremation options, products and resources are available for your loss and time of grieving. Offering affordable services to ensure necessary arrangements are possible.

Pet Cremation Advantages

Help honor your pet when they pass in a loving and honorable way. There are many advantages that come along with the Pet Cremation process. For most people, cremation becomes the disposition of choice due to its economic benefits and availability. Arrangements for private pet cremation will allow the remains of your pet to be awarded back to your care safely. With the remains a memorial signifying your furry friend’s life can be celebrated.

Avoiding Regretful Decisions

When exploring the final decision, there are a few things to take into account. It is important to always consider the disadvantages of the choices you make. If a pet burial is chosen there is a strong chance that other wild creatures will find your pets grave. It is not a pleasing sight to see your pets grave disturbed. More often than not some pet crematories do not even hand back the correct remains. Unlawfully, substances that similarly relate and look like ashes replace the real thing.

Trusting Services

Choose to go with a provider of pet cremation services that you highly value and trust. Although grief and confusion can cloud your judgement immediately following a beloved pet’s death, do not allow yourself the guilt when making a decision. Choosing Stuhr Funeral Home will ensure a guilt free lifelong decision.

Contact us to learn more about cremation services and memorial options for your pet.

Options for Pets

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