The Importance of Grief Support

For individuals who lose someone important to them, it can be difficult to know what steps to take next. The grief process is not linear, nor is it predictable. It’s also not a process that everyone can understand or relate to—as it’s different for everyone who has to face it.

Because of the unpredictable manner of the grief process, and the fact that no one should have to handle the grief of losing a loved one alone, there are many existing resources for grief support that can be found in your community.

One of the most recommended methods of grief support after losing a loved one is attending grief counseling. This form of counseling is designed to help struggling individuals through the process of mourning someone that they’ve lost on a deep level. Stuhr Funeral Home refers our clients to local area counselors and community organizations.

Another way to seek support while grieving a loved one is to join a support group. Being surrounded by individuals who are going through something similar to you can bring a sense of comfort and understanding to you while you grieve. During a time when you may not feel like building relationships and making connections, having people to reach out to who truly can understand the effects of losing a loved one is important.

Stuhr Funeral Home offers the “ABC’s of Grief and Self Care”, a weekly grief support workshop. This program is designed to assist individuals who are mourning the loss of a loved one. Each week the group focuses on a different aspect of the grieving process and you will have the opportunity to share and support one another. This program is designed so that an individual can join the group at any time. If you would like to attend a meeting or need additional information, please call or email Ginger Selby at (843) 723-2524 or

Stuhr Funeral Home also holds a monthly luncheon on the fourth Tuesday of each month at a local restaurant—a time of fellowship and encouragement. Getting together for an uplifting occasion such as a luncheon with others who are seeking encouragement might help you open up, make new friendships, and feel comfortable seeking support from these people in a time of need.

GriefShare is another recommended resource that connects individuals to a local grief support group and offers daily email encouragement and personal study resources. Sometimes, taking a moment to read words of encouragement throughout the day helps the process of grief. If you’re not ready to handle speaking out loud about the grief that you feel, or need time before making connections with other grieving members of your community, GriefShare offers helpful healing resources on their website.