The Many Benefits Of Being Prepared: Why You Should Write Your Will Early

Discussing a will in advance may seem like an emotionally daunting task, but it’s a very important matter to discuss with your loved ones.


Many people discuss a will before marriage and starting a family. Prior to having children and creating a life for them, it’s smart to have a will in place to protect your assets and assist your family. Playing a role in creating your own will leaves less room for disagreement amongst your loved ones and is a practical task to do as an adult.


In the event of a tragedy, having a will designed for your assets and legacy will benefit your family members greatly. Instead of having to go through the process of dividing assets and involving your family members in those personal matters, a will offers clear directions and acts as a roadmap for what to do with any personal assets you have.


It’s also recommended to include funeral wishes and procedures in your will if you feel comfortable doing so. By preplanning your funeral, your loved ones will want to honor you to the best of their abilities and adding a funeral portion to your will allows them to do that.


J. Henry Stuhr offers many advance planning resources to assist you in your journey and will be there for your family when the time comes to execute the funeral or memorial service you laid out for them.


As you go through life you can always update your will with new wishes and make changes to the document. Whether you hire a lawyer or create the will yourself, it’s important to know what to list on this document. Create a plan before you begin the process to make it as easy on yourself as possible.


If you hire a lawyer to help you write your will, they can provide answers to any questions that may come up. J. Henry Stuhr Funeral Home also has an aftercare specialist, Dru Strickland, who can offer expertise and advice for anyone trying to plan ahead and get their affairs in order if anything were to ever happen to them.


Writing a will is a practical decision for both yourself and your family. When beginning the process of writing it, you may find comfort by involving your spouse, siblings, parents, or close loved ones in your conversation. This way, they’ll know and understand your thought process, provide you with support, and get a general idea of your wishes.


Discussing your will with your spouse is very important because once you’re married, you begin to share many assets. Perhaps creating a will together with your spouse would bring ease to both of you as you are planning for your current or future family. It’s also wise to have your spouse or loved one to lean on if you feel emotional while writing your will.