Things a Funeral Director Wish You Knew

Working with a funeral director is typically unknown territory for many people.

The unknown can be overwhelming while you’re grieving a loved one. Todd Griffin, Managing Director of Stuhr Funeral Home, acknowledges this.

Todd realizes many of the families Stuhr Funeral Home meets with have never made funeral arrangements before. He wants to encourage people that the process of working with a funeral director revolves around making you feel comfortable, heard and understood.

Todd says, “We quickly find that we bring some order and structure to what seems to be a typically chaotic and overwhelming time in a family’s life.”

First and foremost, the term “funeral director” is not a term that Stuhr’s staff members fully identify with. While the job title may legally be “funeral director”, this position can be thought of more as a funeral service professional. The goal is not to direct how a celebration of life, memorial service or funeral goes; but to offer their professional service to families in need.

“On many levels, we are event planners providing guidance and resources needed to honor and celebrate each life with dignity and respect,” Todd says.

Stuhr Funeral Home gives families the option of pre-planning funerals, which is the easiest option to move forward with. Families can make decisions with a clear, less emotional thought process, and take care of the planning before the grief process.

For those who haven’t pre-planned, Stuhr works at a pace they’re comfortable with. This process can even be done virtually so that families don’t need to leave the comfort of their home during a difficult time while planning funerals, cremations and celebrations of life.

But the assistance from funeral directors doesn’t stop there. They also handle tasks like completing death certificates, submitting obituaries, coordinating with cemeteries and ministers, providing veterans’ honors, etc. They truly take care of all the details that follow a loved one’s death to remove stress and pressure while easing a family’s mind.

Most importantly, Stuhr wants to honor lost loved ones to the best of their ability. Todd says, “We believe every life matters, has meaning, and deserves to be honored, celebrated and remembered in a way that’s appropriate and specific. Each family has different needs and so does each life, and that deserves to be celebrated.”

Stuhr Funeral Home also provides grief resources like grief groups, workshops, therapy recommendations and children and teen support. They want to walk with families from first contact, through arrangements and planning and aftercare; providing comfort and assistance however they can, no matter how long that takes.

Grief has an unknown timeline, and funeral directors understand that. You can ask them questions and for assistance with all matters surrounding the funeral arrangements, celebration of life and memorial of a loved one. They will be there for you.