Processing Death is Difficult; Here are Some Resources that can help

If you’ve had a loved one pass away, you understand that processing death and experiencing grief is one of the most difficult parts of life.

In the moments you experience grief, you may feel as though your life and emotions will never go back to the way they were before.

This is a normal feeling when processing grief from death, and the good news is that there are several resources to help you when you’re at your lowest.

At Stuhr Funeral Home, we offer workshops, resources, and insight into what to expect following the death of a loved one. Whether you’re local to Charleston or not, there are many ways to receive support to learn how to process your emotions following death. 

This can be a confusing time, so it’s important to remember you are not alone, and we encourage you to lean into the following resources. 

Janice Meyer, MDiv and GC-C at Stuhr Funeral Home, wants to remind families to try their hardest to be open about talking to someone about their grief. She says, “Grief is real, and the pieces can be sharp and shining from the loss of a loved one. It can be fragile to pick them up. But Stuhr wants to be there for individuals experiencing this pain and provide resources to help”.

Here are a few of those resources: 

The ABCs of Grief and Self-Care

The ABCs of Grief and Self-Care is a program that was designed by Stuhr Funeral Home to support individuals through their personal grief journey. There are monthly sessions on the second Thursday of every month, at the Downtown Chapel, 232 Calhoun Street. 

This program consists of multiple four-week and eight-week meeting opportunities designed to assist individuals who are mourning the loss of a loved one. Each week, Stuhr will focus on a different aspect of the grieving process, and you will have the opportunity to share and support one another. This program is designed so that an individual can join the group at any time.

The community is welcome to any of these sessions. If you would like to attend a meeting or need additional information, please call or email Linda Hair at (843) 723-2524 or

The ABCs of Grief and Self-Care will be a continuous series held in multiple locations across the Lowcountry, including some Zoom sessions to provide accessibility across the U.S. 

Grief Support Groups

Attending grief support groups can help you connect with other individuals who may be experiencing feelings similar to yours in a difficult time. 

These groups are held for people experiencing all stages of grief, and it can be a positive experience to talk to and lean on someone who understands what you are going through. Visit our website to learn more about grief support groups in South Carolina or search for local grief support groups near you. 

Grief Counseling

Grief counseling can help you process the complicated emotions you experience following the death of a loved one. Speaking with a professional will help you feel as if you’re not alone, will give you insight into your own emotions and can help you address the next steps for processing your grief. 

If you live in South Carolina, Lowcountry Pastoral Counseling Center is a wonderful non-profit, faith-based ministry if you’d like to seek out faith-based grief counseling. 

Stuhr Funeral Home wants to meet grieving people where they are and hold their hand as they take the steps to heal. Janice Meyer says, “We want to encourage people to be open to their grief. It’s painful, and we want to ask them to reach out to us. We can refer people to other supports for their individual needs. Our goal is to affirm people, meet them where they are, and get them the right support and help that they need.” 

Stuhr Funeral Home, a trusted name in funeral service for more than 150 years, cares for families of those whose lives have ended. Stuhr Funeral Home is committed to providing quality arrangements to honor loved ones and family traditions. For more information about available funeral services, visit or call (843) 723-2524.