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Cremation on the rise nationally, locally – what you need to know

After the death of a loved one, there are plenty of decisions to make – all of which can be difficult to do while grieving.

It’s one of the many reasons people choose cremation services. It can be a simple option that saves family members from added decisions and financial costs.

By 2018, the cremation rate in the United States is expected to reach 50 percent. The number of individuals who choose cremation before their death, combined with family members who make the decision after the death of a loved one has been rising over the last 15 years.

In 1998, 24 percent of people were cremated; by 2013, that number was 45.3 percent. In South Carolina, the cremation rate is between 31 and 40 percent, according to the Cremation Association of North America.

The trend is playing out in family owned Stuhr Funeral Home.

The transient nature of our society, individuals who have relocated here and the large population of retirees who are originally from other parts of the country are all factors contributing to the increase in cremation, said Catherine Stuhr, vice president of Stuhr Funeral Chapels and Crematory.

“People may have relatives, church affiliation and/or their own cemetery property in their hometowns versus here in the Lowcountry,” she said.
The last survey of why people choose cremation found cost savings to be the top reason followed by land conservation, a desire for simplicity and personal preference.

Cremation can offer flexibility in terms of funeral planning. It allows for a more liberal time frame when planning a service as well as choices for the cremated remains, which can be buried, placed in an above-ground niche, scattered or kept by the family.

Traditional services in the funeral home or a place of worship followed by cremation, memorialization options including jewelry, celebrations of life and scattering of cremated remains are just a few of the ways in which a life can be remembered and honored.

While the desire for a less expensive choice is a large consideration, families need to remember that selecting a full-service funeral home can give them peace of mind not only during the cremation process, but for any other needs that arise.

Stuhr Funeral Home provides full concierge funeral services, including assistance with planning a service or memorial as well as walking family members through the many issues that must be tended to after a person’s death.

Working with a respected funeral home ensures you’ll be advised on any specific laws and guidelines surrounding cremation while also receiving valuable services after the funeral has ended.

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