Companies that Deliver Food in Times of Grief

After friends, well-wishers and other family have returned home, it’s time for you and yours to attempt to move forward. The person you loved and lost would want you to be happy and enjoy life.

So you begin to reclaim normalcy, occupying your mind with the activities of daily living, like cleaning the house, washing and drying clothes, and putting things away. One thing you might not be up for is cooking. Maybe your lost one was the chef of the family, and you have to quickly figure out how to feed your house of hungry folks.

If that’s the case, the 21st century was made for you. Numerous food delivery and food plan companies make eating well effortless. The food delivery companies all deliver from national chains and local favorites, offer easy search through their apps and provide restaurant menus, ratings and delivery times. They also allow you to order for pick up.

Let’s consider some of the options:

1. DoorDash

Through the DoorDash app, find participating restaurants near you and get meals delivered for a flat $5.99 plus extra fees during busy times, with them, you’ll find the best pizza delivery option. It also proposes driver tips, but lets you customize them.

You can order desserts and even alcoholic beverages from DoorDash, so it’s not just breakfast lunch and dinner. CNET rates DoorDash the best everyday delivery app.

2. GrubHub

Individual restaurants determine GrubHub’s charges, but unlike other services, GrubHub does not allow you to customize the driver’s tip.

It accepts credit cards, gift cards and many digital payment services like Apple Pay, PayPal and Venmo. Your last payment method is saved for the next order.

3. Uber Eats

Because you may already have an Uber account, you can use it to order food and pay for it, making it a favorite for some Uber customers. The setup is the same as other services, but its home page defaults to fast food. Deliveries cost $.99-$5.99, depending on the eatery, but those costs increase when drivers are busy.

4. Postmates

Postmates distinguishes itself by including swanky restaurants and grocery stores, and by delivering 24/7. Its service is more expensive than others, but you can offset that with coupons and subscriptions that offer free delivery of meals over $20.

5. Meal Kit Delivery Services

Maybe cooking would be therapeutic for you, but you want to skip the stress of planning meals and shopping for the ingredients. For that, you want a meal kit delivery service. They’re generally easy to navigate, enroll in, and find options right for you. They deliver boxes of fresh ingredients with simple instructions for $9-$12/meal. PC Magazine rated Sun Basket and Blue Apron the best services. Sun Basket is rated the tastiest food and most recyclable packaging. It’s not for culinary novices. Blue Apron provides good food that’s easy to make and delivered quickly, but you pay extra for shipping.

Home Chef’s recipes are simple to follow, and it offers three vegetarian options. Though lacking a vegetarian option, Hello Fresh offers more flexibility in how often you eat their meals. Amazon Meals wins with the fastest delivery and the opportunity to buy groceries, but the selection is limited.


These services abound, so check out all your options and decide what works best for you.

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