3 Ways to Honor Your Loved One on the Anniversary of Their Loss

Remembering your lost loved one’s anniversary can be a daunting day. This anniversary is typically a day of sadness and remembrance, but there are many ways that you can use this time to honor and pay respects to your loved one. Here are a few beautiful ways to keep your loved one alive in your mind and memory on this special day.

1. Bring Flowers

One way to honor your loved one’s anniversary is with a visit to their grave. On this day, bring flowers and a few happy memories to share. For support, bring a trusted family member or friend. Or, visit your loved one alone. Either way, physically visiting them may provide you with a sense of peace on this day.

2. Host a Get-Together

If you’d rather honor your loved ones in an upbeat way, host a get-together, dinner, or plan to meet up with others that had a relationship with them. Sharing stories about your loved one while surrounded by others can put a positive spin on an otherwise sad day. Get a meal at your loved one’s favorite restaurant, enjoy a dessert that they loved, or visit a park that they frequented. The possibilities are only limited to your imagination.

3. Plan a Delayed Funeral

For many, the anniversary of a lost loved one means attending a delayed funeral. During the COVID-19 pandemic, delayed funeral services became commonplace. It can be difficult to relive your loss, but having time in between a loved one’s passing and attending their funeral can sometimes help you process emotions. This time can also offer clarity in knowing what to say at the wake. If this in-between time has allowed you to gain a bit of strength, you can make their delayed funeral a celebration of their life. This can be done at a get-together with the attendees of the funeral either before, after, or in place of the service itself.

It’s often best not to think of this time as reliving the difficult loss, but as a way to process and focus on what they’d truly appreciate at their funeral. For a special touch, compile photo memories or stories and memories from people who loved the lost. Holding a funeral a year after your loved one’s passing can also allow time to plan the celebration that your loved one deserves. This additional time can assist with fine-tuning details, speaking with other loved ones on how they think the funeral should be held, and ironing out these plans to truly honor the lost loved one.